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  • a Note from Buck:
  • I met with the publisher of this new magazine for retro gamers at the Free Play Florida Convention back in November. We we've got a great new bonus to our newest subscribers. During the month of January, all New subscribers to Retro Game Treasure will get issues #1 and #2 (that you see to the right) as digital downloads and a physical copy of Issue #3 in the mail for free! Stay Retro, Buck "The MegaBuck"

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1. Set your Game Preferences & Consoles

Select the Consoles you Own and the kind of Games you like to play!

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A Treasure Chest of Games arrives at your door every Month to Grow or Start your Retro Collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many games do I get each month?

On Average there are 3-5 retro games are in each Treasure Chest. We base everything on your preferences to give you a fun selection to play, while hopefully growing your collection each month!

What kind of games can I expect to receive?

We’ll be using your preferences to determine the types of Games you like as we build your Treasure Chest each month (you can let us know some games you have too, to try and avoid duplicates!). While we try to always provide a top quality product, if you’re a hardcore collector that isn’t happy with some scuffs or a torn label from time to time, the Treasure Chests might not be for you.

What Consoles do you offer games for?

We offer NES, SNES, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, & Sega Master System!

When can I expect my Treasure Chest?

Your orders keep us very busy! Since we hand select the games based on each individual, it does take some time. We ship Treasure Chests out on the 22nd of each month.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Yes you can!  Retro Games make awesome gifts!  Surprise your friend or loved with with a Retro Game Treasure Chest and become their new favorite person.

How are the boxes priced?

A Monthly subscription is only $29.95 and includes 3-5 Retro Games. We try to give you your money's worth every month in the Treasure Chest!

No Contracts! Pay for ONLY the Months that you Want! We’re not a rental service, You keep the Games! They’re yours to start or grow your collection!

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