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Retro Game Treasure is a monthly subscription service. Every month you’ll get a selection of games for the retro consoles you select with ONLY the types of games you like and NO Duplicate games! A treasure chest contains 3-5 Retro Games inside for you to keep!

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What is Retro Game Treasure?

We’re a small team of retro game enthusiasts who grew up with the games we all love! We hand pick your selections to give you a nice variety based on what you like and send you a monthly treasure chest full of games.  We're not a rental service, YOU KEEP THE GAMES!

How it works

1. Set your Game Preferences & Consoles

Select the Consoles you Own and the kind of Games you like to play!

2. We Build you an Awesome Treasure Chest

Your Treasure Chest is built based on the kinds of games you like!

3. Go Play!

A Treasure Chest of Games arrives at your door every Month to Grow or Start your Retro Collection!

What Kind of Games do I get?

When you subscribe you’ll gain access to a Personal collection area.  There you can tell us the types of games you like to play, so you don’t have to worry about getting junk you don’t like! We won’t substitute outside of what you prefer and we will hopefully broaden your gaming horizons.

You also enter your own collection, so we can avoid duplicates for you too!

Forget putting more trinkets on your shelf and Grow a retro game collection monthly. Retro games also increase in Value!

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What people say about Retro Game Treasure

I Loved the spread of games that came in my Treasure Chest!

Nick from TX

Fun Box, beat the hell out of Arcade Block!

Dan from GA

I'm like a kid on Christmas every Month!

Zack from PA